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Coronavirus Based Scams On the Increase

Police are warning people to be extra careful of scams at the moment based on the Coronavirus. As people become more concerned about the virus, scammers are using the confusion to take money from people.

Since February 2020, police have identified 21 scams where Coronavirus has been mentioned. Losses to victims is reported to be over £800k. At least 10 of the scams were based around people offering face masks for sale. One victim lost over £15k when they treid to purchase face maskes – which never arrived.

always ensure you install the latest patches and update anti-virus software

There has also been a noticable increase in phishing emails related to Coronavirus. These are emails that are sent with links that can then place a virus on your computer. People are clicking on these emails believing that there could be some important information and then finding out they have been scammed. .

Police are urging people to be extra vigilent at this time. More people are moving to online shopping so that they do not have to go out and this is another area where fraud can take place.

Be extra careful when online and always think twice before clicking on a link. Always check the websites you are visiting and if in doubt, type in the URL address yourself. If you are in any doubt about an email or information you have rfeceived – check it first before disclosing any personal information.

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