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Meet The Gruffalo This Weekend

Fans of the Gruffalo will have a chance to meet him this weekend, as Kent Life hold their Bugs and Grubs Weekend. For those who are not scared of mingling with others, the event takes place over the weekend of 14/15th March.

do not be scared to go out – unless you hate creepy crawlies

The Gruffalo will be making appearances throughout the day to frighten small children. He celebrates his 20th Birthday this year – so do not forget to take a Birthday card with you.

The event is taking place at Kent Life at Lock Lane in Sandling, near Maidstone.

Young visitors will also be able to get up close and personal with nature with the Kent Life bug hunter, visit Critter Corner or make a mini-beast house to take home (minus any stolen mini-beasts that your little one picked up).

For those living in fear of running out of food, this may be a good opportunity to learn which bugs are edible!

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