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Council Plan To Add More Sheppey Beach Huts

Swale Council have unveiled plans to add more beach huts to Sheppey’s coastline due to high demand. They are looking looking to expand the number of huts at Minster Leas and in Leysdown

Due to the high demand, the brightly-coloured huts have hit an all time high, with one in Sheppey on the market for £32,000 just three years ago. They can also be rented from the local authority for £1,330.20 a year although there is a waiting list of 328 people.

There are 35 huts along the promenade at The Leas and 20 in Leysdown, but the council think that both sites could benefit from another 12 each.

Of the existing huts, 29 of the ones at Minster are privately owned and six are rented, while 12 are privately owned at Leysdown and eight are rented. From the waiting list, 146 are requesting a hut at Minster, with 13 at Leysdown and 169 people do not have a preference.

The council’s annual revenue from the rented huts is £13,000, and an additional £16,000 is achieved from ground rent of purchased huts.

The council document states ‘To assist the council in generating additional income to help support delivery of local services, it is proposed to install an additional 12 beach huts at Minster Leas and a further 12 at Leysdown, in the existing locations over the winter. The proposal is to install the huts along the same line as the existing huts to ensure uniformity.It is proposed to have a number for private sale and some kept in Swale Borough Council ownership for annual or weekly rental.’

Cllr Ken Ingleton (Con) is so excited to see the new colourful beach huts

Cllr Ken Ingleton, who represents the Minster Cliffs ward on Swale council, said ‘Swale Borough Council has published the intent to build 12 beach huts at Minster and 12 at Leysdown with its budget consultation and the parish council put it on the agenda for members to discuss.’

The plans are now set to be discussed at Minster-on-Sea Parish Council’s next Planning and Transportation Committee meeting on Thursday 1st December 2022.

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