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Crowd Fund Kent Needs Your Pledges

Crowd Fund Kent is a series of projects to raise money to improve the county of Kent.

There are currently 27 individual crowd funded projects as part of the very first Spring round of #CrowdFundKent.

We know it is now summer but these projects began a while ago- and indeed some have already achieved their target.

Kent County Council uses Spacehive to help people create, fund and deliver project ideas

Crowdfund Kent is focused on giving local organisations and groups the opportunity to take forward projects and ideas to improve their local area. They have seen an incredible response from local communities over the last year.

As we start to emerge from the COVID crisis, they hope this programme will enable recovery to be locally led and provide that much needed support to the innovation driven by local groups and networks, which make our communities around Kent.

The projects vary from a community garden in Walmer to a new skate park in Swanley. There are plenty of projects still requiring funding and you can view all 27 here.

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