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Crowdfunder To Prevent 5G Mast Near School

A concerned parent has set up a Crowdfunding page to raise funds to prevent a 5G mast being installed near to a school.

Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) recently approved an application for a 15 metre 5G mast on the corner of Huntsman Lane, less than 10 metres from the school boundaries of Valley Park School in Maidstone.

Despite some strong objections from parents and residents, the council gave the go-ahead to install this mast. The parents argue that the consultation process was not carried out sufficiently, and the schools, parents and local residents were not properly consulted.

The deadline to file a Judicial Review application is Thursday 15th June 2023. They need to reach an initial target of £2000 before this stage can begin. The fundraiser currently has £1,805 towards its target.

The parents believe the health implications of the mast were not properly taken into consideration. They also believe that proper consultation was ignored and that alternative sites could and should have been properly considered.

People following the fundraiser have said “RF radiation is unhealthy and not necessary”.

Another person added “Please don’t build dangerous technology and place it next to children who are the ones who would suffer the worst”.

The crowdfunder page can be found here.

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