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Deal Conservatives Make Huge Leaflet Mistake

A conservative councillor is facing embarrassment after an error on a re-election leaflet.

The Deal councillor sent out a leafet where it was quite obvious that it was templated and unfinished.

Conservative Trevor Bond has been the butt of jokes since the mistake. The leaflet was supposed to set out his party’s aims for Deal as part of the May elections, but instead it said “for Area Name”.

Not only has it made him a laughing stock, but it has totally undermined the Conservatives agenda as it has shown they are reusing the same document across many different voting areas. Conservative officials are said to be furious with the error as they try and push towards the votes they need.

Cllr Bond has been a district councillor since 2007 and has been in office for Deal Town Council since 2015 and was elected to Kent County Council in 2017.

One person said “That is shockingly careless”.

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