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DFDS Ferries Hit Choppy Waters As Redundancies Loom

Ferry operator DFDS have announced 650 redundancies due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Danish company employs just over 8,600 people group-wide and 2,200 in the UK across Dover, Newcastle, Newhaven, Immingham.

At the current time, it is unknown how many employees will be affected out of the Port of Dover. Ferries union the RMT has deemed redundancies “another kick in the teeth for port communities”.

The Danish company has been known to have furloughed many UK workers during the pandemic, as transport services went into decline.

DFDS is making the redundancies across its whole operation which includes 20 European locations.

A DFDS spokeswoman said: “There is no news yet on whether there will be any impact locally.” The redundancy process can take over 8 weeks as staff need to go through a period of consultation.

Rival operator P&O Ferries’ has already announced plans to make 1,100 people redundant, with 614 jobs going at Dover.

It is a sad time for many people in Dover, along with many who live in Britians coastal towns. Not only has transport been badly affected, but tourism has also been badly impacted, with less travel happening overall.

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