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Help The Residents Of Tenterden To Protect A Stunning Woodland

The residents of Tenterden are looking for people to sign an online petition to protect a stunning woodland from developers.

The Tenterden Woodland is home to a huge amount of wildlife including Nightingales, ‘large and ancient’ Badger sett, frogs, newts, bats. It is also home to 20 magnificent ‘TPO’ Oak trees as well as hundreds of other trees and plants.

They are hoping the petition will persuade Ashford Borough Council in an ongoing battle to preserve England woodlands from being detroyed by developers. They have started a protection programme that they hope inspires others to generate a nationwide wildlife protection movement to improve the health and mental wellbeing of this country.

we need people to buy this land so it cannot get into developers hands

They feel that there are other, better suited sites away from protected woodland and badgers. Furthermore, an offer of purchase has been made to buy and preserve the woodland. This would uphold the Badgers Act 1992 for this species, especially where a large ancient sett exists.

Members of the Royal family including Prince Charles and Duchess of Cambridge are also highlighting the urgency of wildlife protection.

It comes in the light of the recent announcement from PM Boris Johnson who wants to build more home, schools and hospitals.This comes on top of the thousands of new homes that developers want to build across the county, destroying vast areas of agricultural fields and ancient woodlands. There are already plans in place to build two huge housing estates in Sittingbourne and Ashford, along with plenty more new builds.

The county of Kent is swiftly becoming the car park of England, instead of the Garden of England, as more and more green spaces are covered in concrete and asphalt.

The petition can be found here

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