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Did You Know Today Is The County Day Of ‘Kent’?

Today is the county day of Kent where we celebrate everything good about Kent. The 26th May is the feast day of Saint Augustine, who founded Canterbury Cathedral and became the first Archbishop.

Kent is a maritime county at the south-easternmost point of Great Britain, known as the “Garden of England”. Kent is a county more full of history than any other. Kent’s name is also the oldest. It derives from the Cantii, an ancient British tribe known to the Romans long before Caesar.

Kent was a British kingdom before the Romans came and after them it soon became a Jutish kingdom.

It could almost still be considered a small country, based on the richness of its heritage, the beauty of its landscapes and the diversity of its settlements and economic activities. With the new Brexit border and inland custom areas, this has never been more true.

We wish all Kent residents a very happy Kent Day!

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