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Group Of Bus Protestors Come To Sevenoaks

A group of people staged a protest at Sevenoaks bus station yesterday.

They were protesting about Kent County Council reducing funding, which has led to a number of school bus services being cancelled.

As the protest took place in Sevenoaks, the protestors made a very neat line along the length of the bus station in what is one of the most orderly protests even seen. One of them even held up a small sign saying “Save our Buses”.

Thankfully they were all able to protest under the awning so did not get wet in the rain.

With only 2-3 weeks remaining until the children return to school, there are travel problems facing many families.

Students have been informed that unless their school journey is supported by the council, they will have to make their own way to school.

This means that may children are left facing a walk of miles, or will need to rely on someone driving them to school, which could be difficult for working parents.

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