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HomeNewsHundreds Of Immigrants Arrive In Dover Over The Weekend

Hundreds Of Immigrants Arrive In Dover Over The Weekend

100s of illegal immigrants have been brought into Dover port over the weekend as the invasion by dinghy from France continues. The majority of people were picked up mid-channel and escorted into the port on the Border Force craft.

A coastguard plane was brought in from Humberside Airport at 1am on Sunday morning along with a spotter plane from Lydd airport to search for migrant boats

French enforcement vessels and the warship, along with search and rescue vessels, patrolled the French side looking for migrant boats to safely escort over.

Border Force Vessels from Britain have been out since the early hours along with a drone to help pick up migrants and bringing them back to Dover to be processed and put in hotels.

There is a prediction that thousands will cross in the next 5 days as the will be a millpond due to the hot weather.

It makes a mockery of any Conservative intention to stop the crossings, as they continue unabated. With the election only next week, this will be the final nail in the coffin for the Tory party, who have completely failed to stop the incoming boats.

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