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Illegal Immigrants Entering Kent With Coronavirus

Further numbers of immigrants have been found entering Kent over the last few days. 169 in six boats containing a mixture of Iraqis & Iranians were picked up in the channel. All these illegal immigrants tested positive for Coronavirus.

The movement of illegal immigrants has risen since the Coronavirus outbreak as goverments focus on the pandemic, whilst the immigrants try to move to safer countries. France, Spain and Italy are all suffering huge numbers of deaths in the outbreak and it is seen that the UK, whilst not virus free, is a better bet. The UK has a history of being liberal towards newcomers and the NHS would provide treatment.

There will be be issues though if foreign citizens are given treatment ahead of British nationals. While a life is a life, the British people have for years paid towards the NHS to endure it will be there when they need it. For these crucial services to be given to someone who has just arrived on our shores and never contributed, is not going to go down well with the public.

there is a very real risk of an uncontrolled outbreak of Covid-19 in immigration detention

Across the country, lawyers and campaigners have called for hundreds immigration centres detainees to be released because of fears they will contract coronavirus while locked up. There are between 1,500 and 2,000 people detained in the UK’s seven immigration removal centres. These people could all be released into the UK without any checks or monitoring and there is a high chance that many would not be seen again.

A legal challenge is also being prepared that will call for urgent Home Office action to suspend new detentions, halt many deportations and release anyone at an increased risk of serious illness or death if they contract the coronavirus. Lawyers are concerned that current detention policy not only increases the risks to those detained but also to the wider population.

The government should have seen this crisis coming and dealth with the immigration issue promptly. By releasing people from detention centres, it sends the wrong message to others across tghe continent who have plans to enter the UK. The government needs a tougher stance, that anyone trying to enter the UK, will be returned to their previoud country. The UK has been a soft touch for too long and the NHS cannot cope with any more people.

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