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Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Prince Charles has been tested positive for Coronavirus after attending a big party two weeks ago with Monaco’s Prince Albert. It is unknown if he contracted the virus at the party or more recently.

He was tested by the NHS in Aberdeenshire, and was relieved that someone had kept a spare test for him. He is now in isolation and is said to be happy to have a break from Camilla.

the royals have been spread across the country, like peanut butter on toast

When an official was asked if it was possible to have the virus for over 14 days without knowing, they said “Oh fudge, we don’t know”.

Prince Charles is now isolating in private and is said to be in good health. He is at least reassured that a ventilator will be kept to one side, should he require it. Prince William has denied reports that he has tried to hide it.

Meanwhile, the Queen is hiding away with Prince Philip at Windsor Castle. When told of her son’s diagnosis, she said “Philip, Philip, Charles has got the awful virus. Shut the borders to Scotland immediately and get me another cup of Earl Grey. If we find it came from one of his staff then it will be off with their head”.

In 2018, Prince Charles admitted he was no longer in the condition he once was. As he approached his 70th birthday, the heir to the throne joked that he knows “only too well” the inevitable physical decline that comes with reaching such a milestone Birthday. “I don’t know about you,” he told a crowd in Brisbane, Australia at the time, “but now bits of me keep falling off at regular intervals.”

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