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Man Spotted Changing Sign At Bus Stop In Lockdown

A worker in Kent has been seen working on a bus shelter in Kent during the UK lockdown. He was seen changing the advertising poster, although it is unknown if the shelter was cleaned at the same time.

He was spotted by an avid twitter user as he went about his work. There has been much debate nationally as to what is classed as essential work. Much construction work has been allowed to continue as it has been said that workers can socially distance whilst working.

what is classed as essential work?

In the instance of our bus stop worker, it could be argued that he is a lone worker and is also outside so is of less risk whilst continuing to work. But others would state that this is not ‘essential’ work and he is not a ‘keyworker’, so he should be stopped. The government advice was only to attend work if it is deemed as essential.

It would seem that this debate will continue across the county until the goverment are crystal clear with their instructions. We may be waiting for longer than it will take the glue to dry on this bus stop before we get an answer.

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