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Folkestone Gets Own Version Of Monopoly

The Kent town of Folkestone is the latest place to get its own customised version of the popular board game. The new version of the game should be out in March or April 2020 and will be available to purchase in all good toy shops – if they were open!

The makers of the game have spent time finding out about the different places in Folkestone, so that they can base each square on a popular location. The top places in this version of the game (which are occupied by Mayfair and Park Lane in the standard edition) will be based on The Leas, even though it is currently delapidated.

The board will feature some of Folkestone’s best places such as Cheriton Road, where you can be subjected to some anti-social behaviour and Folkestone Central train station, which is famous for common assault and GBH.

Other locations you will be able to visit include Grasmere Gardens where you can pick up some ‘grass’, head towards the petrol station where you will be able to hold up the shop or blackmail someone or visit the beach to watch a boat load of illegal immigrants arrive. By all accounts, the game is going to give a very good representation of the town.

There has already been a few different versions of the game based around the Kent county. There has been a ‘Kent Edition’, where the major towns are used for board squares. Here yu can visit the cricket ground or joyride along Margate seafront. We are unsure if the ‘free parking’ space has been changed to £7 a day parking.

Other versions of Monopoly include a Canterbury Edition and A University of Kent Edition. In the University edition you are able to move around the board attending lectures or you can choose to go on strike and not move for a turn.

There really is an ‘edition’ for everyone and if you are unable to purchase in the shops, you might still be able to buy it online and get it delivered.

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