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Fruit & Nuts Following Self-Distancing Rules

With the UK in lockdown and everyone at home self-isolating, it is a new way of life for many people. Families are working from home and taking heed of the governments advice to leave a safe gap between others.

These new self-distancing rules have now been applied to some small nuts (see main picture) that were being eaten at home. Careful spacing has taken place to ensure each nut is a safe distance away from the next one and are therefore safe to consume.

But it is not just nuts that should be taking precautions in these difficult times. We found these apples, which had clearly not been following recent guidelines. After a stern telling off by the authorities and a quick clean, they were soon in shape and ready for slicing.

Here are the same three apples now, each leaving a good distance to the next one. They should be safe to eat, as long as none of them get carried away and roll over, which could result in them getting too close to the adjacent one and risking contamination again.

But it is not just the apples in your home that you should keep a close eye on. We also found this gathering of ‘fun size easy peelers’, clearly having too much fun together.

Now some may argue that because they are in the same household, it is not a problem to be hanging out in a group of more than two – but they have only just come in from outside and they clearly have not been living together previously.

Luckily, one has had the common sense to distance himself from the others. We can only hope that the small group will take heed of his advice and self-distance themselves as quickly as possible. If they do not, then we will have a major problem when it gets to lunch time, as all the easy-peelers will have to be taken off the menu and the fruit bowl will be closed until further notice.

Don’t be careless and put the health of others at risk, like an easy peeler. Be sensible in these difficult times and follow the governments advice, especially if you want fresh fruit whilst in isolation at home. Don’t be an easy peeler – be a nut!

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