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Woman Goes To Supermarket In Zorb Ball

A woman in Herne Bay has visited her local supermarket, whilst inside a zorb ball. Taking self distancing rules, to the limit, she was seen moving around Morrisons while keeping other members of the public a safe distance away.

The prank shocked shoppers by leaving her house in a Zorb ball that saw her rolling all the way to the supermarket. Confused and stressed shoppers stopped to stare as she rolled through the aisles, while a companion picked items for her from the shelves. 

She needed some assistance to enter the shop

After a few moments, a member of staff quickly intercepted the woman and asked her to leave. She was escorted out by the shop by the same member of staff and the store security guard while she was still in her zorb ball.  

There has been a mixed reaction from people who have seen the video online. One stated that “it was just a bit of fun”, whilst another commented that “the country was in crisis and it was no time for pranks”. The woman in the zorb was unable to comment as she could not hear anything inside the plastic ball.

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