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Kent Claps For NHS Workers

The people of Kent took to the streets last night to join in the “clapforNHS” that took place. Breaking the strict rule to stay indoors, residents were seen at the front doors and on the pavements clapping to show their thanks.

thank you NHS workers

There were also some fireworks being set off whilst others played music or whistled. People in Chatham remained indoors as it is unsafe to be on the streets after dark.

Some residents said “It’s a small gesture of appreciation for our great NHS and all who work in it.”

NHS staff were appreciative of the show of support and said it was very emotional to hear the public coming together. But they said it would be nice if they could get to the supermarket and actually be able to buy some food after their long shifts.

We are not featuring any photos of the public, to ensure that all focus is on the NHS and not on random people standing out in the cold – you can use social media for that.

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