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Police Car In Accident In Dartford

A police car has been involved in a road traffic accident in Dartford on Sunday. The collision took place at the junction of East Hill and Home Gardens. The other vehicle is thought to be a private hire taxi.

The initial report was that nobody was hurt in the accident, although plenty of questions will be asked as to how a police vehicle was involved, especially on such a quiet Sunday afternoon. With so few vehicles on the road due to the lockdown, it is a wonder how this could of happened.

At the current time it is unclear who was at fault, although the police have said “It was the other drivers fauly – obviously”. The other driver was not around to ask – although reports he had ‘done a runner’ are not true.

It looks like this will be another police vehicle off the road for a considerable amount of time. This is not good for a police force already stretched with extra patrols and keeping the public off the streets. After seeing this crash, it really is safer to stay indoors.

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