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Jail For Wrotham Knife Robber

A Wrotham resident who tried to rob a local shop with a knife has been jailed.

During the early evening of 23rd October 2023, Michael Briggs entered a store in the High Street and purchased some crisps. He left the premises and a few minutes later returned armed with a knife. Briggs then threatened a shop assistant with the weapon and demanded money from the cash till. His victim refused and when another customer came in, he agreed to leave.

I would like to thank the victim and witnesses who have assisted us to ensure Wrotham remains a safe place to live and work

The police were alerted and when patrols arrived at the scene he was located and told to put down the knife. When Briggs refused and put his hand in a pocket where the weapon was suspected to be located, further warnings were given, before it was necessary for an officer to discharge a Taser. He was arrested and a craft knife was seized. Briggs, of Battlefields, Wrotham was later charged with attempted robbery and possession of a knife in a public place.

Briggs pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court and on Wednesday 31rd January 2024, the 35-year-old was sentenced to two years and six months’ imprisonment. He will also be subject to a 10-year restraining order upon his release.

Detective Constable Megan Collins, of the Kent Crime Squad, said ‘This criminal armed himself with a weapon with the sole purpose of robbing a local shop. He threatened a woman who bravely stood up to his demands and was ultimately taken into custody. Had Briggs succeeded, this small business would have suffered a significant loss. These crimes can have an impact on their ability to continue trading and he should be ashamed of his actions’.

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