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Join The Ram Run With Ramsgate FC

A football club in Kent is going the extra mile to keep members actively involved, despite the coronavirus lockdown forcing lower league football to grind to a halt.

Ramsgate FC, who are thankfully also based in Ramsgate, have embarked on a running, or walking challenge for all abilities in order to raise funds.

They have created ‘The Ram Run’, which they hope will not get confused with the ‘Rams’ of Derby County FC. The Ram Run encourages supporters to help accumulate a total of 6000 miles between them. Someone rather clever has calculated that 6,000 miles is the distance between Ramsgate to every other Isthmian club and back again.

The socially distanced activity is taking place amongst the club’s players, management and supporters.

we had the idea that actually, we didn’t want to just limit it to our players

Elliot Austin, Vice chairman said: “We consider ourselves to be more than just a football club, so we try and do as much as we can in the local community.”

When asked why they had chosen running to cover the distance, they said whilst the physical benefits of running are obvious, the effect on mental health is huge too. Running can clear your mind and give you time away from your computer screens to think and escape. It can also help you to get a sprained ankle or twisted knee – so be careful in the wet weather or when running in the dark!

So far they have raised over £2,000 towards their £6,000 goal. It could be Ramsgate FC’s greatest goal this year!

The Ram Run fundraising page can be found here.

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