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More Schools Closing Due To COVID

The number of schools in Kent closed due to COVID outbreaks is on the increase.

A fifth of all schools in Kent have now reported cases of Coronavirus as the disease increases in local areas. Out of 685 schools across Kent and Medway, 157 have reported cases to the local authority. Head teachers do not have to report cases so the number, which includes academies, SEN and pupil referral units, could potentially be much higher. Would it not be useful for all schoold to report this information so we can keep track of the virus?

The latest schools to announce two week closures in East Kent are Sholden Primary, Sandwich Technology and Sir Roger Manwood’s. Pupils from certain year groups from schools in Sevenoaks have also been sent home today.

They join Thistle Hill Academy on the Isle of Sheppey,The Orchard School in Canterbury and Dartford Science and Technology College on two week closures.

Teachers union are already beginning to question next years examination. They say that it is unfair against some children whose education has been impacted by school closures.

our view is that school closure should be an absolute last resort

The government says schools are a priority but current signs is that they don’t seem to be demonstrating that by the lack of any attention to detail or with any ongoing support.

The current government advice includes minimal contact between students, enhanced cleaning measures and face masks for children in secondary school. Anyone who atends a school, especially large secondary schools will know this advice is hard to put into practice. Children are not supervised during the whole day and will naturally get close to their friends.

As we get further into Winter, it would appear that this issue is going to get worse over the next few weeks. Some schools are doing everything in their power to remain open, but it will get very difficult if they report multiple cases.

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