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KCC Community Wardens Help With Shed Thefts

Apparently for the next two days KCC Community Wardens will be assisting Kent Police and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council by standing outside a Tesco’s shop.

The purpose of their efforts to cause a blockage on the pavement outside Tesco’s in West Malling High Street is to provide advice after a number of local residents have reported break-in’s to their sheds.

The advice will comprise of building awareness in the rising trend of thefts to recommending a number of security devices to secure one’s shed and valuables.

Let’s hope that all social distancing rules are followed, as anyone hoping to buy one of those potted plants in the photo is going to be getting dangerously close to that bloke!

Whilst people living in the Medway Towns are in fear of drugs and street robberies, the dear folk of West Malling now have shed thefts to deal with..will it ever get any better!

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