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Kent Farmers Take To the Streets In Their Tractors

Kent farmers have taken to the streets with their tractors in a slow moving protest.

The rally, organised by ‘Fairness for Farmers’ used the slow moving blockade around the roads of Canterbury on Sunday 3rd March 2024 to demonstrate against cheap imports and unfair treatment of British farmers.

More than 200 tractors took part in the action, which ended at about 3pm.

Around 25 tractors could be seen parked up in the Wincheap area – a key route in and out of the city.

The protest started at the top of Bridge Hill and the Wincheap Industrial Estate at about 11.30am and processions of vehicles could be seen across the city.

The demonstrations come as Europe’s farmers protest against EU measures and rising prices. Farmers on the continent say they have faced heavy regulation, powerful and domineering retailers, debt, climate change and cheap imports. European farmers have taken the protests one step further by blocking motorways for days, if not weeks, at a time.

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