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Kent Police Rescue Dog Left In Car

Kent Police were called to a car in Whitstable yesterday after a dog had been left in a vehicle.

The dog had been in the car for 3 hours when the police turned up. The police promptly broke the drivers window and rescued the dog. The dog is reported to be safe and well and being looked after.

We are not sure why it was left for 3 hours before the police arrived to help it but it is thought that someone checked the time on the Pay and Display ticket. There is no news if the careless owners will be fined or reported for their actions.

If you can’t look after a dog, don’t get a dog

It is unbelievable that people who own a dog can behave in such a way. Pet owners are asking for a law change to prevent people from being allowed to own a dog again if found guilty of mistreatment such as this.

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