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Kent Police Use Body-Cam To Catch Motorists

Kent Police Road Policing Unit utilized body cameras yesterday at the scene of a road traffic accident.

After several near misses on the opposite carriageway due to people videoing a serious crash scene whilst driving, the police deiced to use the cameras to spot drivers on their phones.

Six drivers were caught and will be receiving Section 172 requests in the post. A Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act, 1988, gives the police power to serve notice upon the registered keepers of vehicles, to whom the section applies, of a requirement to identify the driver at the time of an alleged offence.

Following identification of the driver, points and a fine will be sure to follow in the post a few days later.

From 2022, drivers set to face tougher mobile phone laws with a new £200 fine and six points. Under current legislation, it is illegal to make phone call using a hand-held device while driving. However, the new driving law will close a loophole to prevent motorists from using their phones to take photos or videos, scroll through social media or play games.

Too many deaths and injuries occur whilst mobile phones are being held whilst driving

Those caught touching their device for any reason will be issued a £200 fine and up to six penalty points on their driving licence. The new rule will “be more precise” that being stationary in traffic would count as driving. The Department for Transport (DfT) said this would ensure drivers understood it would be “illegal” to use a phone in motorway traffic jams.

As always, the police recommend that you do not use your phone at all whilst driving a vehicle.

In the meantime, police will continue to post news stories and traffic updates via social media! 🙂

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