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Lorry Driver Arrested After 23 Migrants Discovered

Port Of Dover Border Force officers have discovered 23 migrants hiding in the back of a HGV.

The incident happened late on Monday night as a ferry unloaded. Upon finding the migrants, the driver was arrested.

The driver was put in a police cell for further questioning, whilst the 23 migrants were moved to a 5 star hotel for a delicious dinner and a quiet room each, with some extra pocket money.

If this one HGV was stopped with 23 people inside it, just how many are getting through undetected? We shall never know.

The Government have lost any control of this invasion now. Sadly, due to the numbers that are now here, it has become an invasion, because we have no control over it.

Only last weekend a 15-year old school girl was stopped by a migrant and asked for sex. Thankfully, the girl was wiser than her years and not only told the man to go away, but also videoed the entire incident. But this should not be happening when these people are supposed to be here seeking asylum as guests.

Here’s a tip off. There are a number of boats marked RNLI bringing them in too

It is clear as day that they are not fleeing a warzone or persecution. They are here for the freebies, the money, the healthcare and our goodwill. But the goodwill of the people on the street ran out a long time ago.

Now we are all waiting for our weak government to actually do something. If the Government had been as slow to react in 1939 as they are now, there would no longer be a UK Parliament!

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