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Maidstone FC U23 Kit Stolen

A football kit belonging to the Maidstone Under-23 team has been stolen. The bags were taken from the kit man as he unloaded his car in Cuxton last Monday.

The three bags were said to contain the home shirt, shorts, socks, training tops & towels. It is currently unknown if the kit was clean, but chances are it was dirty after the weekends matches.

the theft of the football kit will cost a lot to replace

The home kit has a yellow top, with navy blue shorts and socks. A meeting will take place at the club before the next match to decide if the U-23 team will be playing in ‘skins’ for the remainder of the season.

Police are now looking for a group of around 11-13 people, dressed in yellow tops and blue shorts. If you see a group of individuals matching the description, please ensure you take in your dirty laundry, before contacting crimestoppers.

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