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Coronavirus Edges Closer to Kent

The coronavirus is spreading across Europe and there are signs that it could be headed to a county near you very soon, if reports are to be believed. The current scare seems to put the blame on a bunch of teachers who have recently enjoyed some holibobs in Italy.

After last weeks half-term holidays, three teachers are now in self-isolation after returning from the part of Italy hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Shelly Bridger – head teacher of Walderslade’s Greenacre Academy – sent a message to concerned parents to advise that the trio had visited Venice during half term.

So while the rest of us were busy working last week, they enjoyed a nice week strolling around Venice before returning to the UK with a potentially dangerous virus. As a reward, they can now look forward to a further two weeks of paid sick leave.

its gonna get us all in the end

If the teachers do not manage to infect us all, there is still a good chance that a bunch of children will pass on the germs. That is a childs main purpose in life between the ages of 3 and 15.

There are three schools in the North East that have been closed after children returned from Italy and began to show signs of the illness. Whilst Italy is now in virtual lockdown -albeit a week too late, good old UK customs seem to let anyone enter the country with hardly any checks.

Perhaps they have already decided it’s a battle that cannot be won and have just conceded defeat, rather than spending loads of time and money trying to prevent it.

With cosmopolitian London just a few miles away, it is surely only a matter of time before someone spreads the virus on the London Underground and then it’s game over. As the mortality rate is only at 1%, there is hope that the media have made this appear more scary than it actually is for most of us. But just to be sure, we are going to tuck ourselves away for two weeks with a stack of DVDs and a bucket of popcorn!

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