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Maidstone Resident To Walk 50 Miles In 50 Days

A Maidstone resident is hoping to walk 50 miles in 50 days in order to raise money for Parkinsons Disease research.

Sandra Price has opened a Just Giving page and wants to raise £200 to go towards the charity. She says “I am walking 50 miles in 50 days for Parkinson’s UK because Parkinsons Disease is a nasty thing to live with”.

According to Sandra’s page, she states that scientists actually know the drug which is effective against Parkinsons it’s the difficulties of getting it to the correct part of the brain that is holding up the conquering of the disease. A couple of years ago a large experiment was carried out in an attempt to solve this problem.  It had some success but not enough to win further funds to continue the research, I  believe that as well as the obvious need for a cure, we owe it to those brave people who had a portal inserted in their brain to allow the experiment, to raise the funds to carry on the research in finding a cure for this antisocial, isolating disease.

It is unknown at the moment if Sandra plans to walk the same 1 mile route every day or if she has chosen a number of different 1 mile walks to add a bit of variety to her walking.

We wish her the best in her fundraising and you can find here Just Giving page here.

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