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Migrant Urinates Off A RNLI Lifeboat

With the UK hitting record temperatures today, it is an ideal time for any migrant to get the dinghy out and head for the Kent coastline.

But what a foolish person you would be if you did not hydrate enough in this hot weather. Thankfully this chap did drink enough water, so much in fact, that he needed the toilet before the RNLI lifeboat/taxi made it into Dover harbour. Well if you’ve got to go. you’ve got to go!

It is perhaps, the perfect metaphor for the current situation of migrants arriving in the UK. It has been said that up to £1 billion has been spent housing migrants in hotels around the UK this year.

Meanwhile, the NHS cannot cope and our ‘accident & emergency’ departments have been turned into GP surgeries for those with no fixed address. Councils cannot cope and are cutting school busses for children that live here in order to make ends meet. Good luck for anyone looking to get their teeth checked on the NHS, as you will be hard pushed to find a surgery.

The RNLI have lost all credibility and potentially millions in donations – for an issue that they really are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or stuck between a migrant and a deep blue sea!

There is a housing crisis brought on by net migration to the UK. We are losing acres of open spaces and farm land to build flats and apartments to house thousands if not millions of new people who dream of a better life here. Our roads are full of potholes and pipes are bursting quicker than companies can repair them. The cost of living is sucking the life out of our high streets and communities. Some people cannot afford to pay the electric or gas bill. A better life? It’s getting worse by the day for the Brits that live here!

But thanks to good ol’blighty, we can find a spare £1 billion down the back of a Downing Street sofa, to house immigrants in numerous hotels that arrive here illegally. This is without talking about the amount of money our Government has spent on arranging a plane to take countless numbers of migrants to Rwanda. The total count of people who have been taken to Rwanda so far stands at …..zero! Which is about the the same ‘zero’ chance that we have of someone coming up with a solution to this issue.

Whilst all this is going on, our current Government is currently arguing about who actually wants to run the country. Will you please just get on with it and put someone in charge who will sort out this mess?

Are we now stuck in a vicious circle where we need more people living in the UK to pay the taxes, which are then used to pay the growing hotel bills?

And whilst all this is going on, someone on a boat heading to Dover is having a pi$$ on us!

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