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More Migrants Arrive As Many Launch Legal Challenges Against Rwanda

Around 80 migrants made the Channel crossing yesterday as the mainly male filled numbers were escorted into Dover Marina in Kent.

They were brought in on board Border Force catamaran Typhoon by UK officials wearing white Hazmat suits and masks shortly before 11am on Tuesday. It comes as the Ministry of Defence revised the number of migrants which have crossed the English Channel this year to 9,941.

Ministers were hoping that the threat of migrants being sent to Rwanda may deter those trying to make the crossing to the UK. So how is the Rwanda plan going?

Quite badly!

From the 130 migrants the UK planned to send to Rwanda, more than half the migrants scheduled for the first charter flight have lodged legal challenges. Lawyers for around 80 of them have already submitted legal challenges. This is astounding news that not only do we give them free bed and board, we are now providing free legal aid which is paid for by the UK taxpayer. That is more than some Brits are entitled to receive!

A Home Office insider said: ‘As predicted, specialist immigration lawyers are pulling every trick in the book and exploiting every possible loophole to get their clients off the flight. Every single person due to be relocated could and should have claimed asylum in a country they passed through, instead of coming to the UK illegally’.

Cut legal aid and the appeals will stop

The Home Office had been prioritising irregular migrants who arrived since 1st May 2022 for the inaugural flight, which was due to take off on Tuesday from a secret location.

No more migrants can now be selected because they must have five working days of notice before they can be sent to Rwanda. It seems incredible that the migrants seen to outsmart the UK Government at every turn.

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