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More Migrants Rescued In Channel

British Border Force officials have ‘rescued’ a number of migrants this weekend. Boats were spotted off the Kent coast this morning as the migrants made their way from France. A young child was seen aboard one of the boats.

It was reported that 79 people were brought ashore over the weekend, which is an additional number to those ‘rescued’ today.

Whether they need to be ‘rescued’ is a matter for debate. Once they are brought ashore, they need accomodation, food and medical support. There is a big question as to if they are ever returned to Europe or if they remain in the UK.

there is a constant flow of migrants to our shores – that we seem happy to rescue!

Perhaps, rather than rescuing them, they should provide a helpful lift back to the French coast, where they came from. This would be the only way to stop the current influx of migrants.

Not only that, but it looks like face masks were provided, to protect the Border Force, until the migrants can be tested for Coronavirus. It is incredible that the masks and virus tests are available, when the NHS is crying out for extra supplies.

No matter what your opinion is towards the migrants, it is once again shows why the UK is the place to head for anyone looking for a new life. The UK really is the land of plenty, apart from those who have lived here all their lives!

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