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Rise In Road Crime

Kent Police have reported an increase in the number of penalties being given to road users. Despite the lockdown, there have been a number of people stopped on Kent’s roads over the last few days.

The fines have been due to drivers speeding and also for not having any valid insurance. As the roads have been relatively quiet recently, drivers have been taking advantage and increasing their speeds. Some have been caught for deliberately speeding on Kents motorways, whilst others are just rushing from one place to another and not realising how fast they are travelling. It is all too easy to go faster than normal when the roads are empty.

police are advising people drive sensibly when they return to the roads

A number of motorists have also had their vehicles impounded for lack of valid insurance. Some drivers may be taking a chance, especially while money is tight. Others have probably overlooked their insurance renewals, especially with the pandemic changing their main routine.

At the current time, it is only MOT’s that are allowed to lapse. Motorists must still maintain valid insurance for vehicles, even if they are not used as much. if you do not plan to use your vehicle, you do not need insurance if you inform the DVLA that you have taken your vehicle off the roads for a length of time. But you are still at risk if a tree falls on it whilst on your driveway, as you would not be insured.

As things begin to return to normal, please be careful on Kent’s roads. People will be in a rush to catch up on missed work and to earn money. The roads will be a bit manic, so extra precaution is needed. Also , ensure your vehicle is roadworthy if it has been sitting idle for a number of weeks. Check your tyre pressures and lights as well as ensuring all fluids, including oil are topped up, so you are ready to get moving safely.

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