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More Sewage Released At Tankerton

It was a lovely day yesterday. It started a bit chilly after rain the night before, but this gave way to fresh air and a warming sun. It would have been a nice day to enjoy the seaside or go for a dip in the sea.

But this was not an option for people in Tankerton or Whitstable yesterday – after Southern Water released a continuous stream of sewage into the sea at Tankerton.

Although the warning states that the sea can be used today (25th April) it is unlikely that the raw sewage has dispersed enough. Anyway, who would want to take a swim in sea water which is potentially polluted and will be for some time. On average it takes human faeces take about a year to biodegrade.

If the water quality of your local leisure centre was the same as the current sea quality, the local council would have it closed down.

With more rain on the way, it is likely that there will be plenty more sewage being dumped into the sea around the Kent coast. Which means it will be a very unpleasant summer for anyone looking to use the waters for cooling off!

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