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Youths Arrested In Maidstone Town Centre

At least 5 police vehicles attended an incident in Maidstone Town Centre yesterday. Five youths were aprehended by the police for anti-social behaviour.

The incident happened between Brewer Street and Week Street during Sunday.

There have been a number of incidents in Maidstone High Street recently. On Thursday evening another person was arrested outside Peacocks shop with at least three police vehicles in attendance. It is becoming a regular place for problems to occur, with crime on the increase.

Maidstone is plauged with numerous homeless people or those who have consumed too much alcohol. There are also a number of migrants in the town who seem to attract problems for one reason or another. Maidstone has always attracted a young crowd into the town to enjoy the pubs and night life but this does bring issues with it.

The problems are now growing and it is taking more police resources to manage it.

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