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MP Asks For M20 Barrier To Be Removed

MP for Ashford, Damien Green has asked Highways England to remove the barrier on the M20 as soon as possible. The barrier was put on the North bound carriageway of the M20 between Ashford and Leeds Castle, as part of Brexit plans.

Operation Brock (or Operation ‘Berk’ if you are one of the frustrated communters using the M20) was designed to use the M20 as a lorry park should Britain exit the EU without a deal. There was concern that there would be no channel crossings if the ports weere closed, so a large area was needed to park hundreds of HGVs.

MP Damien Green is arguing that there is no need for the barrier to remain in place now that there is a Conservative majority. Although we look set to leave the EU on 31st January 2020, there will be a transition peried of a year until we leave the customs union.

highways england need to get this barrier removed

It is thought that the barrier will not be required, although Highways England are saying that as it takes 4 weeks to install and 4 weeks to remove, they need to be certain.

In the meantime, while Highways England dither, the people using the motorway are having to endure a 50mph restriction as well as dangerous driving conditions on the narrow 2-lane section of the motorway.

A frustrated motorist told us ‘These people at Highways England need to get back to work after Christmas and get this road back to it’s former condition. There are too many foreign lorries trying to push us along at speeds higher than the limit. We want our road back’ .

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