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Mystery Gifts Left On Police Vehicles

A mysterious person who leaves sweet treats on police vehicles has struck again in Sittingbourne last night. The person, known as “Kent’s Willy Wonka” has left chocolate snacks on two vehicles, according to Kent police.

One large bar of Galaxy Chocolate was left on a police patrol car, with an even more luxurious bar of Caramel Aero being left on a police van.

There were also notes left on each vehicle by the ‘Sittingbourne Sugar Suspect’ , saying “Thank you for all you do – your much appreciated”. It is unknown if the notes have been taken away for handwriting analysis and fingerprint checks.

The officers were finishing a very busy night shift, with lots of missing persons and calls across the district, when they stumbled across the gifts.

The officers that received the gifts have not disclosed if they shared the sugary treats with others back at the station.

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