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Mystery Van Driver Seen Dumping Rubbish

A search is underway after a mystery van driver was seen dumping rubbish on a Kent business estate.

The driver of the van was spotted on CCTV chucking the rubbish out of the drivers compartment as he emptied it out onto the floor. He was recorded on 11th March at 7.30am but no-one has recognised him.

The van and registration plate in all their glory

Staff at the estate had to go and collect up all the rubbish that he left behind.

The van, which has a registration number of GK69 OCS also does not have a valid MOT, so it is something that the local police may be interested in.

The items of rubbish that were discarded at the location

There are also questions as to whether the driver has valid insurance on the vehicle.

The owners of the Kent estate would like to know if the driver would like his items returned to him

The hunt for the driver has taken an interesting twist as ITVs Good Morning Britain have taken up the story.

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