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Pantiles Market Opens This Weekend

The famous Pantiles market in Tunbridge Wells opens this weekend. Featuring a wide variety of local produce, tasty treats, antiques and artisan crafts, there is something for everyone.

The market opens at 10am on both Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March. We have been informed that there is something for everyone – but perhaps not something that you actually want! You can discover something new each time you come as they have a host of seasonal themes, guest traders and ever changing ranges from your favourite regular stalls. They won’t be your favourite if you have never been though.

Child friendly – as long as they do not have too much sugar!

The market is open on a Saturday and Sunday on alternate weekends, so do not think about going the weekend after or you will only see an old man with his dog wandering around. We are told that the market is child friendly, which probably means that there is lots of tasty treats which your little scamps will hound you about for hours until they get their way.

Please bear in mind that this market is at the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells, not the other Pantiles , which can be found in Bexleyheath. How confusing!

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