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Police Car Gets Hit With Sweets

Police officers have been given sweets and a thank you card after their patrol car was left unattended near a Kent high street.

The police returned to the car after it was parked in Gillingham to find the sweets and card left on the windscreen. An unknown member of the public had left them as a gift, to thank them for their hard work.

The policeman who found them posted a photo on social media of the car and the sweets – as a confirmation that they had found them.

The social media post

It does leave a number of questions unanswered. Firstly, what were the sweets and were they a brand new packet or was it someone giving away all the unwanted Bounty and Milky Way ‘Celebrations’ after Christmas?

The second question and even more important…are police officers allowed to eat sweets that are given to them? We are sure, in this instance, that the gift was genuine and given with love, but what is the policy? Not only could there be a risk of tampering with any food items, but if they are allowed to be consumed, do they have to share them with the rest of the watch back at the station?

These are very interesting questions and it would be really good to hear from someone who knows the answers. There could be hundreds of generous Kent residents just looking for the right opportunity to spoil our key workers and emergency services with surprise presents, but should they be doing it or do any food items have to be thrown away?

Please let us know in the comments below…

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