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Sandwich Wildlife Park Is Closed Down

Sandwich Wildlife Park has been forced to close for good due to the impact of coronavirus.

The owners have confirmed it has been forced to close, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. A statement said: “Due to Covid restrictions both sites were only able to open briefly in 2020 which is a difficult situation for any business, however, when your bills continue to mount when you are closed as you cannot furlough all your staff and still need to heat, clean and feed all of your animals it is even more difficult.

The park, which was bought by Wingham Wildlife Park in 2017, was temporarily closed on November 4 due to lockdown restrictions.

The Arctic wolves, chameleons, ants and bushbabies will move to Wingham Wildlife Park and new homes will be found for any remaining animals.

this has been an incredibly difficult one for the whole management team

Tony Binskin, the managing director of the parks, said “We want to be very clear that even as Covid restrictions continue, Wingham Wildlife Park is in a position where we are able to continue to look after our animals, maintain the park and continue the work which we have been carrying out”.

Wildlife parks have been badly affected by the pandemic. Not only have they been unable to furlough all their staff due to the animals requiring feeding, care and attentions but they have had to fund the cost for food and medical bills. Their main source of income is through visitors, which has led to a huge downturn in revenue.

The owners have said that they had made the decision in plenty of time, so that they can rehome all the animals before the site is closed.

As well as the animals being safe both now and, in the future, Wingham Wildlife Park has also confirmed that the staff who work at the Sandwich site (who have already all been made aware of the closure) will be moving their expertise and experience in all roles which the park fills to Wingham Wildlife Park and that in this difficult time no one is being put at risk of redundancy as a result of this decision.

The owners do sound like jolly good people who are trying to do their best in very difficult circumstances. They will be hoping that visitors return to Wingham Wildlife Park as soon as it is able to open its doors again.

Wingham Wildlife Park is a medium-sized wildlife park situated near …….can you guess…….Wingham in Kent. Wingham is close to Canterbury for those who do not know. The park covers an area of 26 acres. In 2013 the species count at the park reached over 200 covering fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and birds.

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