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Police Seize 15 e-Scooters In Medway

After a number of complaints about anti-social riding on e-Scooters, from those living in the Medway area, the police have finally decided to take action.

Officers from the Town Centre Team have had a day of targeted action clamping down on those using the electric scooters.

The result of the action has seen 15 people being reported for summons and having their E Scooter seized. We are unsure whether the people will be able to get their scooter back or not!

As a resident living in Gillingham, this is the best News ever

If the police are able to seize 15 scooters in just one day, it goes to show the scale of the problem. It would also seem apparent that one day of action is not enough to tackle this issue and more days need to be planned.

The news of the police action has produced mixed results from people. Some have said that the Government need to get on and make e-Scooters legal, and the Government is still running trials in certain locations, but Medway isn’t one of them.

Another said “Great policing and time and money well spent – not! There is nothing wrong with this form of transport and it is the future. What a dreadful waste of time and resources”.

A person who was pleased with the police work added “I’ve had to near accidents in the dark because both times riders have had no Hi Viz, or lights, and just flown out in front of me. Nothing but a menace on the road”.

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