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BMW Driver Crashes Into Petrol Station In Sidcup

A BMW driver has suffered serious injuries after crashing their car into a petrol station.

The shocking accident happened on the A20 Sidcup bypass just after 6pm on Sunday 13th February. It is thought the driver lost control after hitting flood water on the road, although it appears that they may have also been driving too fast for the road conditions.

That’s not the best place ot park to fill up your vehicle

The black BMW ended up balanced precariously on top of a fuel pump at the BP garage, although thankfully there was no explosion or fire. Emergency crews were called to the incident and the driver was rushed to a major trauma centre.

Firefighters from the London Fire Brigade also attended and made sure the service station was safe.

It is not the first accident of this type to happen at this particular service station. In August 2020, a black Mercedes lost control after aquaplaning and smashed into the fuel pumps.

The incident from 2020 can be viewed here.

There are now calls for Highways England to improve drainage in the area following the incidents, before someone is seriously injured.

There was also a mixed reaction from people as some asked for better signage and improved drainage, whilst others suggested that drivers are prosecuted if they cannot drive according to the weather conditions.

Another person said that what was even more shocking was the price of the petrol at 148.9p per litre! “They really know how to rip you off at major services” they commented.

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