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Roads Closed After Chemical Spill In Aylesford

Commuters are facing disruption this morning after a reported chemical spill in Aylesford.

Police, paramedics and fire fighters are at the scene of a suspected chemical leak at a business premises in Mills Road on the Quarry Wood Industrial Estate in Aylesford.

The alarm was raised at 05:39 BST this morning. The emergency services have closed Mills Road at the junction with Lake Road and are dealing with the incident at the Hermes Depot.

Google Maps are showing long delays in the area

There is currently huge congestion in the area as people try to get to work and delivery drivers attempt to begin their rounds.

So far, 15 people have been treated for ‘minor injuries’ caused by the chemical leak, but no-one has required hospital treatment. The road was opened again around 11am, although a few fire engines are still at the location.

Some are asking what was the chemical that caused the incident and what was it doing at a Hermes Depot? If it was Hermes own chemicals then there needs to be an investigation into what caused the spill. If Hermes are transporting such dangerous and nasty chemicals, are they they right company to be doing so?

Anyone expecting a home delivery from Tesco’s today may find they have a delay in receiving their food.

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