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Storm Dennis Expected This Weekend

As people are just getting over Storm Ciara, there is more good news from the Met Office who are warning us of Storm Dennis approaching. This storm is scheduled to hit on Saturday again, between middday and midnight, which is bound to mess us everyones plans to tidy the garden.

Storm Dennis – not named after Dennis The Menace will bring winds of up to 60mph and gusts of 50mph according to the Met Office. So what is the difference between a wind and a gust….about 10mph apparently.

Heavy rain is expected in the South – which will include Kent for those not so hot on geography. Blizzards are expected in the North of the country, so there will be plenty of disappointed children below Watford.

time to batten down the hatches – if they haven’t blown away last week

There is a danger of flying debris and of trees and fences falling over, especially as the ground is quite saturated after last weekends storm.

Details from the Met Office

Please ensure you have plenty of bread and milk, the stable diet for all British families. Sunday should be a better day, which will give you just enough time to pick up that garden furniture before you have to return to work.

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