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Today Is #CarFreeDay

Kent County Council have announced that today is #CarFreeDay. Thanks for the advance warning KCC!

That’s right, today is the day that you should consider if you can leave the car at home and walk or cycle to work or school. At least it isn’t raining!

KCC have created a new website called ‘Kent Connected’ and you can use this to plot an alternative route to your destination by other means than a car.

We thought we would give it a go, to see just how effective not only the website is, but using alternative transport to get to where we may need to go.


Our first test was from West Kingsdown to Maidstone – not a tricky journey and one that is about 14 miles and takes around 25 minutes by car.

Kent Connected has informed us that it will take us 1 hour 33 minutes by bike, 1 hour 58 minutes by public transport or 4 hours and 59 minutes walking. We think we will stick with the car for this journey!


The second test is from Faversham to Canterbury. This should be an easy one as they are less than 10 miles apart and there should be an existing route.

Kent Connected has said cycling is 1 hour 6 minutes, 30 minutes by public transport and 3 hours 23 minutes walking. The results are as expected but we wouldn’t fancy that 3 hour plus walk!


Our final test has us going from Ramsgate to Sheppey. Let’s really put this to the test.

It is no surprise that the results are not convincing. Cycling would take 4 hours and 45 minutes, public transport is over 3 hours and walking would be 15 hours and 2 minutes. You could do a marathon quicker!

So overall, if you live within a stones throw of a major town or city, then public transport may be an alternative. But you probably know that already as that is why park and ride services were introduced.

If you need to travel more than 10 miles or across the county in an unusual direction, then the car still wins by a long way.

Enjoy your journey to work or school today and you can try out your own route on the Kent Connected website here.

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