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Wombwell Hall Care Home Honoured with Heartfelt Gift from Funeral Directors

Wombwell Hall, a local care home renowned for its compassionate care, was the recipient of a unique and meaningful gift from W. Uden & Sons, a Bexleyheath funeral director, in recognition of the home’s dedication and hard work.

The care staff at Wombwell Hall were deeply moved by the company’s donation of a ceremonial pall, traditionally used to drape over a coffin, as a token of appreciation for the care home’s practice of honouring residents who have passed away.

In a letter that accompanied the gift, Allan Roberts. Branch Manager wrote, “As a very small token of appreciation for all the utterly amazing work that you guys do, day in and day out, looking after those that are no longer able to look after themselves, we’d like to give you this pall to use when you do your guard of honour when saying goodbye to one of your residents.”

The staff at Wombwell Hall are known for their guard of honour, a poignant tribute they pay to residents who have passed, showing respect and celebrating the lives of those they have cared for. The pall, which may seem like a simple piece of cloth, symbolises the honour and dignity with which staff treat every individual in their care.

Roberts’ message continued, acknowledging the often-thankless tasks undertaken by the care workers: “As a company, we take our hats off to you for all that you do to care for those that age and circumstance have brought under your wings, you work tirelessly and very often receive no thanks for the long hours that you have to do.”

Claire Skinner, Manager at Wombwell Hall Care Home says: “It is with great thanks that we acknowledge this huge gesture from W. Uden & Sons. It is such a touching gesture that has gripped all of us with emotion, the pall will be the final touch in how we honour those we have cared for when they have passed. We can’t thank them enough.”

This act of kindness has not only fortified the relationship between the local businesses but has also cast a light on the extraordinary work of carers at Wombwell Hall Care Home, who contribute tirelessly to the community by caring for its most vulnerable members.

Hayley Grant, Unit Manager (left), and Sue Johnson, Head Housekeeper (right), of Wombwell Hall, proudly display the gifted pall, symbolising the home’s commitment to honouring the lives and legacies of their those passed.

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