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7 Boats Full Of Immigrants Arrive In Dover

At least 7 boats carrying illegal immigrants from France have been met by UK Border Forces today. The immigrants were collected by the Border Force boats and were brought ashore at Dover.

People walking near the harbour at Dover say that they have counted at least 100 people being brought into the country.

the people of kent are demanding answers to this ongoing problem

When the weather is good, the immigrants take the opportunity to head for the UK. As long as they can reach British waters, they know that they will be collected and brought the rest of the way by UK officials. The majority of those that have come in to the UK today will end up remaining here.

A large number of UK residents are now asking UK Home Secretary Priti Patel for answers. People are now saying enough is enough and it is about time the UK took a tougher stance on people trying to get into the UK.

The UK is seen as the land of plenty, as our current liberal stance gives immigrants the best chance of a new life. Sadly, the generous UK can no longer afford to keep taking in new people and all services, including the NHS is now creaking under the weight of so many people.

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