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Black Lives Matter Protests Continue Across Kent

Further demonstrations for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement have continued across Kent during the weekend. Protesters were seen in many towns in the County. From Tunbridge Wells to Margate, people took to the streets to show their solidarity.

Protesters mingle a bit too close together in Broadstairs

Thankfully, the demonstrations were relatively peaceful, compared to other places in the country. In Bristol, an old statue was ripped down and thrown into the harbour. Many people support the BlackLives movement, but when it turns into destruction and vandalism of public property, people become angry. if the statue is thought to be insensitive, protesters need to follow the correct paths to get things changed.

More protesters in Tunbridge Wells, looking very organised

Whilst Kent people were continuing with their protests, the Chief of police in Kent, decided to take to his knee. There has been many complaints regarding his action, not because they disagree with the sentiment, but more because they want to see law and order on the streets, rather than seeing the Chief of Police kneeling in a park instead of working.

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